Get Treated

Chlamydia is easily treated with antibiotics. If you are informed that your test result is positive, telephone RU Sure on 01922 270554 / 270556 and a member of the team can help you find the nearest site offering treatment. If you have a current partner, they can attend with you to receive treatment at the same time.

When you receive your treatment it is important that you do not have sex for the following 7 days (14 if treated with erythromycin) and for 7 days after any current partner is treated.

Antibiotics will treat the infection but do not prevent you from getting it again. Therefore it is really important to use condoms to avoid the risk of catching the infection again.

If you are taking the combined oral contraceptive pill (COC), the antibiotics used for the treatment of chlamydia may stop it from working properly. When you are given your treatment please ensure you tell the health professional of any tablets, pills or medicines you are taking so they can advise you on any other precautions you may have to take, including extra contraception such as condoms.

It is important to get treated if you have a positive result because if left untreated, chalmydia can cause problems with fertility in males and females.

All treatment under the R U Sure Programme is provided free of charge.

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